First things, first...I capture emotions - joy, love, laughter...I am NOT a "smile at the camera" kinda girl.  I don't pose, I guide. I will encourage you to be yourself, snuggle with your baby, kiss your better half, laugh with your children and forget that I am there.  I approach each session with the intent of artistically capturing your story, whatever it may be. Please don't stress about and worry that your children won't cooperate, let them be them! Play with them and make them laugh, just be together, I promise you will love the results! Trust me, if you don't I can't do my job!

Whatever your chapter of life I want you to have imagery to remember it by. Wether you are a family of 5, expecting your first baby or newly engaged.  I want you to remember the way your toddler hugs your neck or holds your face...your child and what they loved when they were 4...your belly with your first baby...how your partner looks at you, the way they make you laugh.  Why??? Well, because life is this amazing story, you are creating it every single day, make sure you have something to remember it by! 

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